Original poem: Innanet Hoes & Misogynist Bros

This poem is for all the dudes who sit behind their computer all day and obsess over what women post on the internet.

Innanet Hoes & Misogynist Bros

sly serpents who don’t hiss,
but bitch
instead, leave

under hoes’ pics like
“‘member when dudes had
to work for pictures like
this?” I be thinkin’,
you don’t even know her,
bro. Plus 
titties and ass is 

all over the Innanet and
all over
your TV.

y’all might ‘a tricked
Eve with that dusty McIntosh
of repressive bullshit. 
But we

not falling for that 
cuz serpents with Apples 
is everywhere now,
and we don’t give a fuck 

about being in nobody’s garden.
The same bros
who draw the boundaries
that separate

good girls and hoes
thirst for
and fuck
both sides.

The same bros
who would
never turn

a lap dance reach
for their preacher’s
hat when they see an
ass shaking

on their feed.
So it seems,
a woman’s sexiness

is only ok if
it’s doing something
for you?
Or do you also

Deliver sermons
About self-respect, Great                                                      Righteous One,
Under the pornhub videos

That you beat your dick to?

Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts about this poem!

Feature photo credit:with permission from @bijouxbitch on Instagram

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