Revolutionary Self-Care: Praxis for the Modern Spiritual Warriors

This transmission was made just for you, with love, to support our collective healing and ascension at this time. In the wake of widespread protests in the United States following the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless others, many of us have had to go into “activist” mode–a natural response that in some cases inhibits our ability to connect with the true feelings and energy behind our experience.

In this transmission Tha Magician touches on many topics, the primary being the importance of honoring our feelings at this time and adopting self-care as a revolutionary praxis. Additionally, we touch on the importance of ancestral veneration, invoking the higher self, working with Water and the Earth Grid, using our dreams as medicine, and finally working with angels.We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did.

Quick Find:

  • Self Care as a Revolutionary Praxis (1:20)
  • The Importance of Feeling All of Our Emotions at this Time (03:12)
  • Self Care as a Daily Practice (9:34)
  • The Importance of a Spiritual Morning Routine (11:28)
  • Tips for Navigating the Information Overload On Social Media Right Now (16:35)
  • Staying Aligned with Our Purpose (19:22)
  • Spiritual Baths (22:04)
  • Candles & Home Purification (27:54)
  • How to Change Your Life by Cleaning Your House (28:54)
  • Wearing White (31:20)
  • Using Water Intentionally (32:15)
  • Ancestral Veneration & Reverence (33:15)
  • The Power of Invoking Higher Self (43:12)
  • Charging the Earth Grid as Revolutionary Praxis (47:30)
  • Using Your Dreams to Accelerate Your Healing & Clear the Ego’s Illusions(48:44)
  • Working With Angels (52:00)

Additionally, we touch on the importance of acknowledging that though higher and other dimensional spiritual beings all have a particular indigenous tradition that they “belong to”, Spirits are energy and we should avoid thinking of them solely in terms of race, ethnicity, & gender. Re-thinking our perception of Divinity is also revolutionary.

Note: In this transmission, Tha Magician notes that angels hardly interfere with human affairs without our explicit request for help due to the Law of Free Will. While this is mostly true, there are times when they present themselves without being called on because our need for their help in and of itself serves as a “request”. However, it’s rare in our experience.

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