Feeling Safe in Your New Home

If you’re moving to a new place, your nervous system will likely be wildin’ for the first few weeks. We are animals, and sensitive to environmental changes because our brains are designed to detect change/differences.

One of the easiest ways to move through this is by working with smell. Smell is connected to the root chakra and thereby associated with our sense of safety. Smell is also associated with the hippocampus of the brain, which is active in the process of memory and learning.

This means we can use smells to make ourselves feel safe and to become used to our new environment. What smells do you associate with safety? Fruit? A perfume your mom wore? The smell of the incense your grandma burned? A particular essential oil? Use this fragrance on your body and in your new place to support your nervous system as it adapts.

You can also do this backwards. Say, for instance, you don’t have a smell that makes you feel safe but you have a smell that you like. Keep that essential oil/fragrance on you, and only use it when you feel safe. Perhaps after a shower, only when you’re with friends, and as you get into bed at night. Whatever works. After a couple months or so, your brain will learn that that smell is associated with safety and you will be able to use the method I described above!

Another way to up the safety factor in your new home is to make noise. Our voices each carry an energetic signature that are unique to us. So, filling a room with your voice or other bodily vibrations (like dancing) literally makes your space more YOU. Simply chanting or dancing around your new home will radically shift the energy.

Good luck, and blessings to you in your new home. If you want to do a quick house blessing before you settle in, this post might be helpful for you.

Feature photo: Nappy.co

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