Peacing Shirley is an art education project by Monben, executed in collaboration with The Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. Peacing Shirley consists of a portrait of Shirley Chisholm, a book display curated by Monben titled Representations of Black Women in 20th Century United States & Beyond, and a conceptual installation which will be on display at The Gottesman Libraries from October through November 2022.


Monben is an award-winning multi-media artist, writer, teacher, adult continuing education specialist, and anthropologist in-training. She began her career as a painter in 2015, and has since completed over 30 art commissions & projects. Using art as a means of public education is the main focus of her work.


Self-published by Monben when she was just seventeen years old, the poems in Blacc explore Black girlhood through varying lenses including political [mis]education, classism, romance, heartbreak, and ancestral connection. A short but imperative read, the pages of Blacc offer the reader a peek into the sacred and complex experience that is coming-of-age as a Black girl child in Newark, New Jersey.


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Aura cleanse baths are designed and consecrated to remove negative/stagnant energy from one’s aura. This herbal bath recipe is crafted with the intention of promoting energetic purification.

From the packaging to the illustrious, natural and authentic ingredients this bath was an experience to say the least. Following Mo’s guidance ensures that you will have the most fulfilling and complete use of your bath. Her instructions are clear and enhances the bath experience. I felt so in tune with myself during the bath and felt cleansed of all negativity and confusion. Taking Mo’s bath gave me the strength and stillness I needed to take the next steps on my journey. Forever grateful! <3

Enga, review of aura cleanse bath, 2022

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