In-Person Tutoring Personalized to Your Tech Learning Needs

Save some stress, call Mo’s Tech Tutors

Do you find yourself confused by the ever-changing world around you? Are you embarrassed to ask your friends and family for tech help? Have you had trouble finding a patient teacher to work with you through your tech-related learning goals? Then Mo’s Tech Tutors might be for you!

Why Mo’s Tech Tutors?

The tutors at Mo’s Tech Tutors prioritize patience and learning foremost. We understand that tech skills may not come as easy to some people, so we come to you and make it easier by considering your learning goals and designing a personalized curriculum to help you achieve them. We help you learn at your own pace on your own device (phone, computer, or tablet).

What We Teach

Mo’s Tech Tutors teaches fundamental technological skills such as how to use e-mail, managing your passwords, using a thumb drive (flashdrive), creating digital documents, and much more. Students decide what they want to learn based on their needs and goals.

We also provide help with:

  1. How to shop/make payments digitally
  2. How to use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media
  3. How to use Zoom and Skype
  4. How to avoid online scams
  5. How to use Word Processor, PowerPoint, PDF, and more!

How We Help You

Mo’s Tech Tutors supports your learning goals by providing in-person and remote tutoring for your tech needs. We offer short-term and long-term tutoring. Whether you need personalized tech tutoring in the comfort of your own home, or remote support with a tech project such as preparing a digital presentation — we are here to help.


Individual class: One 1-hour personal tutoring session – $95

Couple class: One 1-hour tutoring session for two people – $120

Diamond Package: Five weekly 1-hour tutoring sessions with a personalized curriculum and learning objectives: $425

Gold Package: Ten weekly 1-hour tutoring sessions with a personalized curriculum and learning objectives: $800

Ad-hoc projects: Don’t feel like doing that project yourself? Let us help. Starting at $100.

Mo Mayon

Mo launched Mo’s Tech Tutors as a solution to a recurring issue she saw while working with retired professionals in NYC: technology is changing rapidly, and there are more resources needed to support seniors who are trying to keep up. Her goal is to reduce the nervousness and embarrassment with which seniors approach technology, and to reassure them that they are more than capable of developing the fundamental tech skills at any age.

Mo is an adult education professional with over 3 years of teaching experience. She holds a Master’s in Anthropology and education from Columbia University.

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