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What type of photos are we looking for?

dazzle_jam-nappy- (1)The type of photo that fits Tha Magician are shots of Black women & femme people appearing empowered, at peace, and/or blissful. The photo should inspire awe and preferably depict the subject in the photo in front of an interesting or intricate background with vibrant color(s) or in vibrantly colored clothing. Please do browse the images on our Instagram page and website to get a visual feel of what we mean by these descriptions.

Other Requirements

1. The person submitting the photo must own the rights to the photo and/or be the subject of the photo.

2. The person submitting the photo must be over 18 years of age and the subject of the photo must be over 18 years of age.

3. The person submitting the photo must be okay with their photo being associated with content about sex, dating, world religions, race, and/or Black history.

4. The photo must be of medium to high quality, focused, and at least 500px wide in dimension.

5. The photo must not contain full nudity (we’re okay with semi-nudity).

6. The photo must feature at least one Black/bi-racial woman or Black/bi-racial femme person. Tha Magician is a publication that centers Black femme people.

7. The photo must not contain watermarks. Tha Magician will always provide proper credit.


Submitting your photo

Please submit your photo to us through our e-mail

You will be notified by the email associated with your submission if your photo is selected and informed of the context in which the photo will be used before we ever post it. Photos featured on our Instagram page will include the Instagram handle of the submitter and photos featured on our blog will credit the submitter’s name along with a link to their website/Instagram page.

By submitting a photo to Tha Magician blog you consent to the use of the photo across our social media platform (, in any graphics made to promote the blog post your photo is associated with, and on our website (

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